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1. I met my husband on a date - we didn't know each other, our friends had organised a romantic dinner for us.
2. Nowadays it's common to your partner on Facebook. You simply change your status from "In a relationship" to "Single".
3. Nowadays, girls don't for rich men anymore. You need to have more to yourself than just a credit card.
4. He promised to change his behaviour so she decided to give him a second .
5. When I was young, I used to have a on Leonardo di Caprio.
6. Ann and Brian are the perfect couple - they were for each other.
7. Our marriage is on the at the moment - we are going through a difficult time.
8. After dating for several years, they have decided to tie the and get married in August.
9. We had a big argument yesterday, but we talked about it this morning and we made .
10. He keeps sending her flowers and chocolates. He is over heels in love with her.