1. Do you know when Marta gets back from holiday?
Let me , I think she said Friday 23rd, but I'm not sure.
2. Jane and Larry are getting divorced. , he was having an affair with his secretary and Jane found out about it. Can you believe it?
3. She has a family and she runs her own business. She is a superwoman, so to .
4. I don't think they should get married. I , I don't have anything against marriage, but don't you think it's a bit soon?
5. I wish I was famous - a big house, no need to work. you, I wouldn't be like these typical celebrities that spend their nights at parties. I would lead a quiet life.
6. We still haven't decided where we are going this summer. , I we'll find a last minute bargain, like every year.
7. Why don't you call Sarah? After , she is your sister and she has always helped you.
8. I'm glad to hear the kids are doing great. the way, have you heard about the new swimming pool in the town?
9. Your face looks familiar. Have we met before? , we studied together in high school.
10. I am not fussy. , I like my hotel room to be clean when I check in. It's basic courtesy.