1. I regret (say) all those things about her - she is a lovely person when you get to know her.
2. I wish I (bring) my umbrella - it's pouring!
3. I should (go) to bed earlier - I feel really tired!
4. If I (drive) to the meeting, I (not be) late.
5. If only I (listen) to you!
6. I regret (not apply) for that job - I would be earning a lot more these days!
7. I needn't (take) all these clothes- I can barely lift my suitcase.
8. If I (not leave) the keys in the door, I wouldn't be stuck outside.
9. I wish I (speak) to my grandmother more when she was alive.
10. I needn't (worry) so much about the exam - it was really easy!