El valor resultativo del Present Perfect Simple y del Present Perfect Progressive

Pon los verbos entre paréntesis en la forma de Present Perfect Simple o Present Perfect Progressive. Fijate en el tipo de resultado presentado en la primera oración.
1. The microwaves is working again. Mike (fix) it.
2. You are sweating! It's because I (jog).
3. He has no voice this morning. He (shout) all night at the disco.
4. I'm exhausted. I (teach) all day.
5. She has passed all her exams. She (work) very hard for them.
6. It's hot in here. I (turn) on the central heating.
7. I'm coming down with a cold. I (run) home in the rain this morning.
8. Everybody knows her. She (work) here for many years.
9. My eyes hurt. I (watch) TV all afternoon.
10. Your shirt is clean. Maggie (wash) it.