Añadir información con los adverbios too, also, either

Completa las frases con el adverbio adecuado: too, also o either.
1. I never wake up early at the weekend. My sister doesn't wake up early, .
2. I live in a boathouse in Paris. I have a small flat in the suburbs.
3. I passed all my exams. My brother passed all his exams, .
4. I love jogging. I love playing basketball with my friends.
5. I am very busy at the moment. My husband, , is very busy.
6. I don't have any money and I don't have a place to stay, .
7. I wouldn't like to lose my job. She wouldn't like to lose her job, .
8. I play the violin. I play the piano, .
9. I won't go to the party tonight. My cousin won't go, .
10. I can't drive and I can't cycle, .