Discurso indirecto con la voz pasiva

Rescribe las siguientes frases utilizando la palabra que tienes entre paréntesis y la voz pasiva. Tienes un ejemplo.
Ejemplo: He smuggles cigarettes into the high school. (suspect)
He is suspected to smuggle cigarettes into the high school.
1. Two suspects have been arrested. (say)
Two suspects .
2. The accident was caused by safety negligence. (believe)
The accident .
3. The plane crashed in the mountains. (think)
The plane .
4. The neighbours are considering hiring a safety guard. (say)
The neighbours .
5. The number of unemployed has risen by 10%. (think)
The number of unemployed .
6. The Pope will be visiting Barcelona next weekend. (expect)
The Pope .
7. This house is haunted. (believe)
This house .
8. He always thinks about money. (say)
He .