Transformaciones con el comparativo de los adjetivos

Reescribe las frases utilizando el comparativo del adjetivo entre paréntesis.
1. John is 30. Mike is 20.
(old) John .
2. A city is noisy. A village is quiet.
(noisy) A city .
3. Jogging is boring. Swimming is fun.
(boring) Jogging .
4. Mary lives 20 minutes away from the centre. Jane lives 5 minutes away from the centre.
(far) Mary .
5. A bike costs 200 euros. A motorbike costs 20000 euros.
(expensive) A motorbike .
6. In summer it's 30 degrees above zero. In winter it's 10 degrees below zero.
(hot) In summer .
7. Paul is good at Maths. Larry is not so good at Maths.
(good) Paul .
8. Harriet is bad at drawing. Diana is not so bad at drawing.
(bad) Harriet .