El comparativo y el superlativo de los adjetivos

Pon los adjetivos entre paréntesis en la forma adecuada de comparativo o superlativo.
James: I'm going skiing next week.
Tina: I'd love to have a holiday in November, but my children are at school now, so it's (convenient) for them to go during the school holidays.I know it's probably (bad) time to go on holiday, because everybody else is going too and the hotel prices are (expensive) than now.
James: I know, but the Christmas holiday is also (lively) time for the skiing resorts. If you want to make a lot of friends, it's (good) to go in December than in November.
Tina: My favourite time for going on holiday is September. The weather is (dry) than in October and everything is (cheap) and (quiet) than in August, especially if you want to go to the beach. I think September is (beautiful) time of the year.
James: I agree with you. It's definitely (sensible) to go on holiday when everybody else is working!