Ejercicios sobre prefijos - Inglés avanzado

Ejercicios: La formación de palabras nuevas con prefijos

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Os propongo practicar la creación lexical mediante el uso de prefijos en un texto e intentar utilizar el contexto para establecer el significado de la nueva palabra. Recordad que los prefijos añaden su propio contenido informacional, cambiando el significado de la raíz.

Completa los huecos añadiendo prefijos a las palabras que tienes entre paréntesis.

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  1. María Mejía Heredia. dice:

    ejercicio realizado
    Most companies claim to empower (POWER) and give freedom to their employees. But there’s a difference in how each seeks to achieve that. Freedom to coordinate your work hours to accommodate family life while still discharging (CHARGING) organisational goals; freedom to be outspoken (SPOKEN) and uninhibited (INHIBITED) with the management; freedom to do things differently.

    One might be surprised to see that Google’s offices display (PLAY) colourful furniture and game board, creating a fun atmosphere. But behind all this are a bunch of very smart people who are self-motivated, passionate to come out with products which will uplift (LIFT) the masses. If this culture is embedded (BEDDED) at Google’s, it is simply because the company believes in trying to provide an extraordinary (ORDINARY) environment without hierarchy and restriction, thereby giving almost unlimited (LIMITED) freedom to the employees.

    Unsurprisingly (SURPRISINGLY), the firm topped the list of Best Companies to Work For 2010. “We put great stock in our employees: energetic, passionate people from diverse backgrounds (GROUNDS) with creative approaches to work, play and life”, says Jayashri Ramamurti, head of people operations, Google India.”Our atmosphere may be casual, but as new ideas emerge (MERGE) in a caff line, at a team meeting or at the gym, they are traded, tested and put into practice with dizzying speed and they may be the launch pad for a new project destined for worldwide use”.

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