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Ejercicios: Comprensión lectora con un texto sobre nanotecnología


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Creo que este artículo os interesará particularmente. Se trata de un artículo científico divulgativo en el que tenéis que encontrar algunas palabras para poder completar el crucigrama que lo acompaña. Tenéis pistas haciendo clic en los números del crucigrama.
Si os apetece, podéis completar la practica con un vídeo muy breve sobre el mismo tema que encontraréis después del crucigrama.

P2i: The company that can waterproof just about anything (versión adaptada)

Smartphones have become an essential part of our everyday lives, replacing many people’s cameras, diaries and address books, but drop them in the bath or spill coffee on them and they are rendered useless. P2i, a nanotechnology firm that celebrates its 10th birthday this week, wants to change that.

The company, which traces its origins back to a Ministry of Defence project following the first Gulf War, has recently refined what its founder Dr Stephen Coulson calls the “holy grail” of gadget protection – a process called nanocoating that creates an invisible shield around a smartphone to protect it from water, dirt and sweat.

As he explains the technology, Dr Coulson sets the stopwatch on his mobile, dunks it in a bowl of water, and proceeds with the interview. Half an hour later, it’s still running. Dr Coulson predicts that for many consumers, waterproofing is a unique selling point and will be near-ubiquitous in the coming years.

To apply the coating, a rack of smartphones is placed in a low-pressure machine that looks something like a large microwave. The machine creates a vacuum and passes a radio frequency through it to activate the surface of the handset.

A chemical vapour is then released into the vacuum which attaches itself to the product, creating the invisible layer that shields it from liquids.

The process takes a matter of minutes, and some of the machines P2i has sold to its customers can process 100,000 phones a day, with the water-resistant technology adding less than £1 to the manufacturing cost of a device.

Smartphone protection is now P2i’s biggest business, but this was not always the case. The technology, developed during Dr Coulson’s PhD research at Durham University, was first funded by the Ministry of Defence in the mid-1990s as part of a project to protect soldiers from nerve agents such as mustard gas.

In 2004, under a Labour government drive to commercialise state-funded technology, the unit was spun out and P2i was born.

Smartphones are the company’s biggest business, but its technology is now focused on four areas – consumer electronics; filtration, for example fuel-delivery pipes; scientific equipment; and military and sporting hardware.

P2i sees numerous other applications for its technology. Wearable devices, such as Google’s internet-connected glasses and Apple’s rumoured “iWatch”, are a perfect opportunity, says Dr Coulson.

“We don’t know what’s going to be successful, but we know those hardware platforms are key moving forward, [they] need to be reliable so there’s a space for our tech.” Packaging and construction materials are two other areas ripe for expansion, but perhaps the most tantalising possibility is the prospect of a nanocoating machine moving from the production line to the household.

P2i envisages that its machines could be as natural a part of a household as a tumble drier – able to protect anything put in there. It may sound fanciful, but the company’s chief executive believes it can follow the path of 3D printing technology, which is beginning to make its way into the home.

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