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Ejercicios: Comprensión lectora con una reseña de un libro


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En el ejercicio de hoy os propongo trabajar con la reseña de un libro que creo que puede ser interesante: The Winter of Our Disconnect – la experiencia de una familia británica en el mundo de la tecnología. Os propongo leer la reseña del libro y contestar las preguntas de comprensión. Una vez terminado el ejercicio os propongo el ejercicio Desconectarse de la tecnología, basado en una entrevista a la autora del libro.

The Winter of our Disconnect by Susan Maushart

September 16, 2011

Have you ever been so frustrated by the way we depend on modern technology (maybe a friend who is always texting on their phone during conversations or a child who never puts down the video games) that you wanted to cut the cord and live unplugged for a while? Susan Maushart did just that. Dubbed ‘the Experiment’ by her and her three teenage children, Maushart decided to turn off all electronics for six months.

The Winter of Our Disconnect: How Three Totally Wired Teenagers (and a Mother Who Slept with Her iPhone) Pulled the Plug on Their Technology and Lived to Tell the Tale is the story of the Maushart family on their journey with no technology.

The rules were simple: no electronics in the house. All the TVs, computers and hand held devices in the Maushart house were safely stored in a locked storage shed in the backyard so there was no temptation. The kids and Maushart were able to use computers or other electronics at school, work or friends’ houses to study or play games. Maushart knows she can’t control every action her children make when they are not at home so she wasn’t going to forbid them from using electronics at friends’ houses. And she knows that the kids can’t do homework without computers and she can’t work during the day at the office without a computer.

Maushart enjoyed watching the effects of being unplugged on her children and how it made them communicate with each other more face-to-face instead of through texts or emails.

The Winter of Our Disconnect makes the reader reflect on the role of electronics in our ever-evolving digital world. There were times I was tempted to try ‘the Experiment’ for myself and other times I was glad I was reading the book on my e-reader with my cell phone right next to me.

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